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A Galaxy Full of Exomoons

Our Galaxy Might Be Teeming With Habitable Exomoons
There are eight planets in our Solar System (sorry Pluto), but collectively, these planets host over 175 moons, one or two of which may even harbor life. Indeed, our galaxy, based on what we observe here, could be bursting with exomoons, a significant number of which may be capable of fostering life, according to new a new study.
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#MPRRaccoon Climbs Tall Building, Becomes Social Media Star

As a raccoon made a pecarious climb up a tall building in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) broadcast live coverage of the tiny climber and the world quickly tuned in to the #MPRRaccoon saga.

In an age of increasing hostility on social media, this is a welcome breather. Will it make it down OK? Or need to be rescued?

Climbing raccoon prompts live stream, photos and hashtag #MPRraccoon as world watches

For updates: livestream and Twitter Hashtag #MPRRaccoon. Hang in there little fella!

A Nightclub for Senior Citizens


Elderly Nightclub Fights Loneliness With Tea Parties ? And Raves!
Simon Casson got into the nightclub business in 1995, when he and a group of performance artists held an event in a south London pub. In the years since, this London-based Duckie, has brought his performance to backstreet pubs and posh theatres; traveling everywhere from Berlin and Greece to Tokyo and Australia.
With such a busy schedule, you wouldn’t think they have much time for people in their 60s, 70s, and beyond. But they decided to expand their operations back in 2011, when Simon’s mom moved to a new city at the age of 80 and found herself isolated.
He and his sister, Annie Bowden, came up with the idea of throwing her a vintage tea party and invited a couple of her elderly neighbors. A bigger party soon followed, and the idea gradually gelled into “The Posh Club”.

Mr. Rogers: “Radically Subversive”

 Fred Rogers’s worldview, a kind of humanism that had roots in Rogers’s Christianity but expressed itself as a commitment to everyone’s dignity, is what helped many navigate the scariest events of childhood (RFK’s assassination, the Challenger shuttle explosion). And the power of that worldview, the film suggests, doesn’t stop when childhood ends.

Launching Today: “Atlas Of Utopias” – real-world examples by Transnational Institute

Worldwide, mayors are increasingly a progressive and fearless voice advancing bold agendas on climate change, welcoming refugees and trialling new forms of democratic participation. …

Can a group of cities really offer any fundamental solutions to a crisis created by the immense power of corporate capital?

To try and answer this question, the Transnational Institute in 2017 launched Transformative Cities, asking communities to share their stories of radical transformation, in particular in the areas of water, energy and housing. With hundreds of examples, these are now arrayed in an ‘Atlas of Utopias‘.

The Atlas of Utopias is a global gallery of inspiring community-led transformation in water, energy and housing. It features 32 communities from 19 countries working on radical solutions to our world’s systemic economic, social and ecological crises.

TNI also asks you to VOTE for your favorite of many examples, for an award to be announced June 06! More to come.

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School Dog Discovers Commerce

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