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Japanese Hopping Robotic Rovers Land On Asteroid

In order to complete the deployment, the main spacecraft of the Hayabusa2 mission lowered itself carefully down toward the surface until it was just 180 feet (55 meters) up. After the rovers were on their way, the spacecraft raised itself back up to its typical altitude of about 12.5 miles above the asteroid’s surface (20 kilometers).


Mr. Rogers: Google Animated Doodle

Google’s stop-motion animation arrives like a welcome online balm to celebrate the 51st anniversary of Fred Rogers’s show.
More: the making of the doodle.


Two New Exoplanets Discovered by TESS

TESS can be thought of as the first half of a Kepler-like program. It will help find a lot of planets, including a few that may be close enough to be imaged by existing hardware. But it’s mostly laying the groundwork for the giant telescopes that are currently under construction, as well as the James Webb Space Telescope, which continues to inch toward launch. These will greatly expand our reach out into the galaxy, vastly increasing the distance at which we can image planetary atmospheres.

“Read Away” Your Overdue Book Fines At Los Angeles Libraries

Leilany Medina, 11, loves books so much that she’d like to become a librarian. But even she sometimes forgets to return books on time, especially if she hasn’t quite finished. And she’s racked up some late fines.

But local libraries are providing a way out for such book lovers, and creating new lures for other children, who haven’t caught the reading bug, by doing away with late fees, automatically signing up students for library cards through their schools and allowing them to “read away” their fines and fees.

The most recent move was a vote last week by Los Angeles County supervisors to end late fees for patrons under 21 at county-run libraries, effective immediately. That did not help Leilany because officials offered no amnesty for past fines.

So on Thursday, Leilany went to the East Los Angeles Library, a county facility, to read off $4 in late fees. Students can eliminate debt at a rate of $5 an hour under a program that took effect in June.