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One Woman, 100 Marathons, 200 Food Banks

I set a goal to road-trip across the country, running a marathon in all 50 states (I’d later up it to 100 marathons), volunteering at each of the 200 Feeding America food banks, and visiting friends and family as I went.

I set out in July 2014. I ran my 100th marathon last month and volunteered at my 200th food bank on April 11. Am I done? Not even close. Not while there are millions of hungry Americans. Not when there is more that I — that we all — can do.

Social Impact Bonds vs. Endemic Poverty

They are subjects in an $8.7 million experiment — the Denver Social Impact Bond Program – that may be the first of its scale in the United States.
WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The past couple of years have been a roller-coaster for Maurice Cushinberry – first of homelessness, substance abuse and legal trouble, and then of sudden stability.