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Reclaiming Civilization: A Case For Optimism For The Future Of Humanity

What is civilization and how did it begin? What’s wrong with it? And what can we do to fix it?

These are the questions Druid and philosopher Brendan Myers contemplates in his new book Reclaiming Civilization. As with all of Brendan’s books (that I’ve read, anyway), Reclaiming Civilization explores deep topics in an accessible manner. There’s no philosophy jargon and references to famous philosophers include enough context for ordinary readers to understand why they’re being quoted.


As Jio Users Try To Use Whatsapp, US Based Browserling Went Viral

Reliance Jio recently launched the Jio Phone at the company’s AGM in July 2017. The phone was an instant hit as the company recorded millions of pre booking orders within a fortnight of the launch.

The Jio phone is the cheapest 4G phones available in India but lacks some features like whatsapp. Someone spotted that they could use whatsapp on Jio phones by visiting Browserling: a live interactive cross-browser testing platform. Soon there were several tutorials on YouTube and other digital platforms that taught Jio users how to use Browserling in able to use whatsapp on their phones.



AFROTOPIA uses the theories and aesthetic of the arts movement Afrofuturism as a vehicle for psychosocial healing in Detroit and beyond. Afrofuturism is an international multi-disciplinary cultural aesthetic that discusses the Black experience, identity, and history using speculative modalities such as magical realism, fantasy, science fiction and surrealism. Afrofuturists incorporate ancient history, African mythology, technology, biology, genetics, African cosmologies, spirit science within their work.


Regenerating a Carbon Drawdown Economy Through Reverse Mining and the Blockchain

This is a very exciting project! Connecting agriculture and finance in this new way is cutting edge and you are really breaking ground with this. My one caution for you is that in emphasizing the rejuvenation of the carbon cycle, you are marginalizing the rejuvenation of the hydrological cycle and the nitrogen cycle.


The Afterlife of Newsies

IMAGINE—JUST FOR A MOMENT—that Disney once made a musical about labor unions. The musical would, of course, need to begin by showing the workers in question, and so it would open by panning through the newsboys’ lodging house. Maybe the whole thing would feel like a kind of Playboy grotto for teenage girls—who are, presumably, the audience this movie would be targeting, though who even knows.


Fishers successfully farm crabs in estuaries, protect mangroves

Cruising the Arabian Sea’s azure waters fringed by green mangroves on the 121 km long coastline beginning with the coastal village of Vijaydurg to Shiroda in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, one can see fishing nets supported by long bamboo poles amidst the mangroves. The nets and poles stand testimony to crab farming, the local fisher folks’ newfound livelihood.


Chandrayaan-2 mission on schedule: ISRO

The second thing, she says, was while shooting many stories started to emerge from within the unit. “Oh! My cousin’s son is also like this. Or my neighbour’s daughter has a kid who is like this but they don’t know what to do with it. When the stories started coming out from within the unit I realised the issue is far more spread out and far more prevalent than we know.