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‘Bibi’ of the Bundesliga blows whistle on sexism in German football

Bibiana Steinhaus’s appointment as a top-flight referee has been likened to Angela Merkel becoming chancellor in 2005

Bibiana Steinhaus officiates at the league match between MSV Duisburg and FSV Zwickau last Saturday in Duisburg. Photograph: Joachim Sielski/Bongarts/Getty Images

The appointment of a woman as a top-flight referee in Germany has been hailed as a breakthrough for equality domestically and a milestone for football.

Bibiana Steinhaus has become an overnight celebrity since the announcement by the German football federation’s referee commission that she will take charge of games in the Bundesliga next season. The same organisation banned women from playing football as recently as the 1950s.

Printing prosthetics in Taiwan

After losing his right forearm in a factory accident, Chang Hsien-Liang tried several artificial limbs but he was never satisfied.

The arms he could afford were too basic and the robotic hand he wanted was too expensive.

So the 46-year-old engineer from southwest Taiwan set out to design and build his own prosthetic arm using 3D printing technology.

“After getting my own bionic arm, my daily life improved. It became easier to do things like riding a bike and eating a meal,” Chang said in an interview.

We Met the Mind Behind the Rubik's Cube — Mashable Originals
Have you even given up, helplessly, on a Rubik’s Cube? What was meant to be a tool that helped students learn about space and design is now a competition to see who can finish it faster with their eyes closed. Love it or hate it (because you can’t complete it), the cube has become a staple of human culture. This is Erno Rubik, the man behind the legacy. 


New Exoplanet Spotted Forming

First confirmed image of the birth of a planet
A planet-hunting instrument has captured the first confirmed image of a newborn planet that’s still forming in our galaxy.
A stunning, first-of-its-kind photo shows a giant alien world taking shape in the disk of gas and dust surrounding a young star.


The Versatile Jackfruit: Meat Substitute?

You can tell this (‘Now This Food’) video was assembled by people who aren’t familar with Jackfruit. It doesn’t taste like meat! Kind of like um, chewy/stringy banana custard? (I could eat it all day).

And it’s not ‘pungent’ – doesn’t smell bad unless it’s seriously spoiled. (Thinking of Durian perhaps? A smaller, more spiky, pineapple sized fruit?) Jackfruit may be frozen or (horror) canned in brine before reaching the USA / Europe.

But it IS versatile and CAN easily be seasoned to taste. If YOU want to say it tastes like pork or chicken, go ahead.  Just know that Asians have opinions.

If people want to use it as a meat substitute? Go ahead!  You can even order it from Amazon, if you’re not fortunate enough to live where it grows. 

Jackfruit ‘fusion food’ ahoy!

For those new to Jackfruit, below you can see how BIG they are and how to cut one up.