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One Woman, 100 Marathons, 200 Food Banks

I set a goal to road-trip across the country, running a marathon in all 50 states (I’d later up it to 100 marathons), volunteering at each of the 200 Feeding America food banks, and visiting friends and family as I went.

I set out in July 2014. I ran my 100th marathon last month and volunteered at my 200th food bank on April 11. Am I done? Not even close. Not while there are millions of hungry Americans. Not when there is more that I — that we all — can do.

Video of 101-year-old Lillooet woman playing in snow hits 7.7 million views

Armand Foisy did not expect a video of his 101-year-old mother playing in the season’s first snowfall to go viral. But it did, reaching 7.7 million views on his Facebook page in two weeks.

“It was just a simple little video that was meant for family and friends,” he said, describing the moment captured in the video as “great joy and fun.”


The Manhole Covers in Japan Are Absolutely Beautiful

Manhole covers don’t have to be ugly sewer lids. In Japan, they can be astoundingly intricate, colorful, museum-worthy feats of urban design.

Photographer S. Morita (Flickr name MRSY) has snapped over a thousand manhole covers around Japan over the years. In a country renowned for its attention to detail and rich artistic heritage, it’s pretty inspiring to take a bland city staple, that people literally walk all over, and morph it into eye candy.


David Bowie & Bing Crosby Sing “The Little Drummer Boy”: A Wonderful Christmas Chestnut from 1977

We like to bring this chestnut back from time to time. Watch it, and you’ll know why.

In 1977, just a short month before Bing Crosby died of a heart attack, the 40s crooner hosted David Bowie, the glam rocker, on his Christmas show. The awkwardness of the meeting is palpable.