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United States: Philosophy class examines universal Basic Income whose time has come

A Stanford University class –available on a podcast replays the 1970s Manitoba, Canada, experiment called “mincome,” on the way to rejoicing in Universal Basic Income.

In the U.S., Silicon Valley entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, who according to some is preparing to run for U.S. President, are promoting universal basic income.


Frida, the bravest rescue dog, has been immortalised in a mural

When Mexico suffered a devasting earthquake a few weeks ago, Frida the hero dog was there to pull people from the rubble. In fact, she rescued 53 people, including 12 in life-threatening situations. So it’s only good and right that she’s finally been given some recognition. Frida the bravest and most loyal labrador has been honoured with her very own mural in Mexico City, complete with doggy goggles and a Navy-issue rescue vest.


Meet the Disabled Veteran Who Prototypes Prosthetics for Cats

One of the most beautiful aspects of the Maker Movement is how inclusive it is. Anyone can be a maker, and everyone is encouraged to find the maker within. Highly skilled combat veteran Karolyn Smith never considered herself a maker. Having returned home from her deployments with multiple debilitating injuries and PTSD, she found herself heavily medicated and losing hope, with no real solutions in sight.


This Furniture Is Made Out of Mushrooms

SEBASTIAN COX WAS walking through his four-acre woodland when he saw two branches from hazel trees stuck together.

“When I pried them apart I realized that what was keeping them together was fungus,” he said.

Fast forward eighteen months and Cox is holding a fully formed, fungus-made lamp and stool in his workshop in southeast London.


Stress Busting Benefits Of Airport Therapy Dogs

Traffic on the way to the airport makes you late. Rushing, fearing you’ll miss your flight, you anxiously stand in endless check-in and security lines, annoyed at the delay. Your stress level increases with every passing minute. Finally clearing security, sitting to put your shoes back on, you notice something unusual across the room: an enormous harlequin Great Dane wearing a vest that says, “Pet me!” A smile breaks across your face and your blood pressure immediately drops. You say a quick hello to the dog and rub his soft ears, and the tension of the past hours melts away.


Episode 796: The Basic Income Experiment

The basic income is a hot topic of social policy. It’s a steady payout to citizens. Liberals argue it provides support to struggling citizens with dignity and freedom. Libertarians like that it can be dispensed without an expensive, and controlling, bureaucracy. The rest argue that it’s a giveaway that will inspire laziness.

Good Samaritan returns prosthetic leg lost by Army amputee while surfing in Huntington Beach

HUNTINGTON BEACH Jake Hammit had to make a decision: hold onto his surfboard or let go of his prosthetic leg.
The surfboard could do more damage, plowing into a group of people wading in shallow waters on the inside near the sand, he figured. The prosthetic leg, however, was replaceable.