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Astoria dry cleaner will launder unemployed job seekers’ suits for free

ASTORIA, Queens — A small dry cleaners in Astoria is garnering big attention after a simple offer to help unemployed members of the community.

Jaime Jinete, owner of Nicole’s Cleaners, posted a sign that reads “if you are unemployed and need an outfit clean for an interview we will clean it for free.”

North Dakota’s Norway Experiment

Late one night in October 2015, North Dakota prisons chief Leann Bertsch met Karianne Jackson, one of her deputies, for a drink in a hotel bar in Oslo, Norway. They had just spent an exhausting day touring Halden, the maximum-security facility Time has dubbed “the world’s most humane prison,” yet neither of them could sleep.

These Photos Of Surfer Girls In Bangladesh Will Bring You Pure Joy

Photographer Allison Joyce has spent the past two and a half years following a group of girls in Bangladesh who are learning how to surf. The girls, who usually work on the beach selling water, snacks, and homemade jewelry to support their families, have been learning from a local surfer, Rashed Alam, who started teaching surfing as a way to give back to children. Alam and his wife say they believe surfing will empower the girls and give them an outlet to become who they are — kids.

Arcosanti: The Commune for Millennial Dreamers in the Middle of the Arizona Desert

“You have to get off the island sometimes.” The young man standing before me is in a faded music festival T-shirt that’s worn thin. Like everyone who lives here, Tom’s skin is tanned from days spent under the Arizona sun. He’s about 23, with a long beard and a camouflage hat shading his eyes – casual means functional here. It’s a strange metaphor to describe the place that surrounds us, because we are in the middle of the Sonoran desert – almost the middle of nowhere.

Meet the Swedish love mob fighting online hate

The bodies weren’t cold yet, fumes from the burning truck were still lingering over Stockholm city centre, when another war broke out – this time, online.

The Swedish far-right Internet swiftly responded to the terror attack of Friday (7 April) by laying the blame with the country’s largest parties – the ruling Social Democrats and the centre-right Moderates that preceded them – and their migration policies that had brought Muslims into the country.

Phil Gibson and Llia Apostolou get married after joking about it on Twitter

PHIL Gibson and Llia Apostolou were perfect strangers, little did they expect to fall in love.

It’s really the stuff of romance novels — Ms Apostolou was desperate for a date to her sister’s wedding so jokingly put the call out on Twitter, looking for somebody to fake a relationship with her. Through the random invite she met Mr Gisbon, a stranger who would later become her husband.


The jet’s leisurely descending whine woke me up. I always sleep on the long flight. But now, as I peeled away the blindfold and spun the seat up to vertical, I recalled: the sudden wakeup. I had felt popping, wrenching tugs, being squeezed sideways and stretched upward, a whirling sensation—and then it was gone. I lurched forward, stomach churning. Grinding nausea swept over me. I opened my mouth but nothing came. Spinning weirdness ebbed. Airplane drone returned. I had muttered, spat out bitter tastes. Maybe a nightmare?

We Don’t Need Uber

There are populist alternatives to Uber that don’t come with a side of moral confusion.

Uber is in turmoil. Soon after former Attorney General Eric Holder’s investigation into the company’s alleged culture of sexual harassment and misconduct was completed, CEO Travis Kalanick announced he is taking a leave of absence. During a meeting to discuss Holder’s findings, board member David Bonderman made a sexist comment. He resigned Tuesday night. Meanwhile, the company was recently hailed for losing just $708 million in the first quarter of this year.

These 8 hardware startups are tackling some of society’s biggest problems

We have been hearing stories after stories of the poor in India using WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube on their budget smartphones and about how the internet is transforming their lives. But India is still deficient in basic necessities like water, healthcare, electricity, infrastructure, or education – more than half of the country’s people have scarce access to these.