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Finland: the only country where fathers spend more time with kids than mothers

To Americans and Britons, the Nordic countries have come to represent a near-mythical paradise of gender equality and family harmony, where legions of happy fathers push prams through the streets, relaxed mothers enjoy lengthy paid maternity leaves, and well-nourished children in chunky sweaters glow from their free healthcare.


The Finnish Experiment

Around the world, there is a lot of buzz around the idea of universal basic income (also known as “unconditional basic income” or UBI). It can take different forms or vary in the details, but in essence: UBI is the idea a government would pay all citizens, employed or not, a flat monthly sum to cover basic needs. This funding would come with no strings attached or special conditions, which would remove any potential stigma associated with receiving it. In short: it would be free money.


Why The Woobie Is The Greatest Military Invention Ever Fielded

There have been some amazing military innovations over the years: freeze-dried food for MREs, jet aircraft, rail guns, and the soul-sucking website, Army Knowledge Online. But none of these compare to the simplest, most wonderful invention known to mankind: the poncho liner, affectionately known by all those who have felt its life-giving warmth as the “woobie.”


Nigerian bobsled team will be country’s first-ever Winter Olympics representatives

The three-member team — which was only formed in 2016 — is the first to represent Nigeria at the winter event, to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in February next year.

Driver Seun Adigun, brakemen Ngozi Onwumere and Akuoma Omega, qualified for the event over five races held in Utah, Whistler and Calgary.


Genetic mutation helps Amish families fight aging, diabetes and even baldness

Scientists at Northwestern University have discovered a genetic mutation in an isolated Amish population that helps them live longer and healthier lives, and protects them from diabetes and other age-related illnesses. A drug that mimics those effects is currently being trialled in humans, and shows promise in slowing aging, preventing diabetes and may even counteract baldness.


This Wolf Sanctuary Helps Military Veterans Heal From PTSD

Let’s talk about wolves. Since European settlers arrived in what would become North America, the wolf has been systematically eradicated. California, specifically, has only one known wild wolf pack since the half-dozen or so members of the Shasta Pack mysteriously disappeared this year. Whether it’s folktales calling wolves the surrogate of the devil or embellished historical accounts of wolves mercilessly slaughtering calves, these stories have circulated for centuries to justify the extermination of most of the country’s wolves.