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♫Won’t you be my neighbor?♫

Does this fellow look familiar?

There’s a ‘Mr. Rogers’ movie on the way!

And in addition, Tom Hanks will star in ‘Are You My Friend‘, about an Esquire reporter whose life was transformed when writing THIS profile.

Fred Rogers has been doing the same small good thing for a very long time…
And here are some more fond remembrances:

The legacy lives on at:

Swan Dreams: The ballerina in your ‘hood

“Growing up in inner city Rochester, NY, Aesha Ash was just one of the neighborhood kids. She’d imagine people driving by, judging her by her black skin.” …  “she’s determined to use her dance background to change the stereotypes and misconceptions that people—including black people—have about women of color. “I want to show it’s okay to embrace our softer side, and let the world know we’re multidimensional,” says Ash.”

Changing stereotypes via:

Don’t Hate; Cooperate

“In his [free to download] new book, Ed Mayo brings together this rich story. Covering everything from the Commons to lending circles to labourer societies, this is a fresh take on the origins of co-operation form a leading voice in the global co-operative movement.”

Book of the Day: A short history of co-operation and mutuality

[English (PDF)] [Spanish (PDF)]

A Short History of Co-operation and Mutuality
Preface 1844 – The birth of co-operation
Chapter 1 Co-operation and the human story
Chapter 2 An ancient way of getting things done
Chapter 3 Craft and co-operation in Europe
Chapter 4 Traditions of co-operation
Chapter 5 A friendly turn
Chapter 6 From friendship to resistance
Chapter 7 Freedom and repression
Chapter 8 Out of Rochdale
Chapter 9 After 1844: Plymouth and Finland
Chapter 10 Self-help and state sponsorship in the twentieth century
Chapter 11 The co-operative sector today
Chapter 12 Co-operation and mutuality over time: a conclusion

In The World’s Most Successful Public School System, There’s Almost No Homework

How Finland Created One of the Best Educational Systems in the World (by Doing the Opposite of U.S.)

Finnish students have, in the past several years, consistently ranked in the top ten among millions of students worldwide in science, reading, and math.
In Finland, says the Minister of Education, “all the schools are equal. You never ask where the best school is.” It’s also illegal in Finland to profit from schooling. Wealthy parents have to ensure that neighborhood schools can give their kids the best education possible, because they are the only option.
In Finland, no teacher “is allowed to lead a primary school class without a master’s degree in education, with specialization in research and classroom practice.” Teaching “is the most admired job in Finland next to medical doctors.” And as Dana Goldstein points out at The Nation— Finnish teachers are “gasp!—unionized and granted tenure.” Perhaps an even more significant difference the documentary glossed over: in Finland, “families benefit from a cradle-to-grave social welfare system that includes universal daycare, preschool and healthcare, all of which are proven to help children achieve better results at school.”


Welcome to 2030 [Fiction]
Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better

Science fiction by Ida Auken, MP, Parliament of Denmark. And a rebuttal by  Salvatore Iaconesi, founder at Art is Open Source, Human Ecosystems and Nefula.

 Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and I don’t know what life is anymore


Utopian Nostalgia

What today’s movements for social and economic reform can learn from the intentional communities of the nineteenth century.