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The Prison-To-Farm Pipeline

How Atlanta Is Turning Ex-Cons Into Urban Farmers
In Atlanta, an ambitious activist hopes teaching young people farming skills will break the cycle of incarceration. …
The “vision brings together two important facets of the modern urban revival—the locavore food movement that has become a fixture of gentrifying cities across the country, and an awakening recognition that gentrification was leaving behind, or even displacing, a significant portion of the population. Simultaneously, Gangstas to Growers also teaches young people the importance of building wealth in historically disinvested communities in Atlanta. Despite Atlanta’s reputation as a Black Mecca, the city’s low-income children have less of a shot to move up the income ladder compared with other major American cities.”


Prison In Norway: A Different Model

Norway has a… different approach to prisons.

Norway saw a decrease in recidivism rates after they began treating inmates more humanely. North Dakota is adapting the same to make a dent in prison reform.


Most recently, David Byrne has celebrated and contrasted Norwegian and USA prison systems in his ‘Reasons To Be Cheeful’ blog.