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Academics Unpack Cuba’s Weekly Internet

A detailed look at Cuba’s ‘offline internet:” the weekly assembly, organisation, and distribution of ‘El Paquete Semenal‘.


Most Cubans have terrible access to the Internet — estimates suggest only 5-25% of the populace can regularly get online. The government made it a bit easier in recent years with paid wifi hotspots, but they require dough, and they’re super slow. So Cubans have instead, in the last decade, evolved a complex, massive sneakernet.

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Finding Wi-Fi tricky? Try Li-Fi

What Is Li-Fi? The New Alternative To Wi-Fi
Li-Fi is likely to reshape the world in ways Wi-Fi didn’t, by transmitting data through lamps, streetlights, and more.
Li-Fi is basically just high-speed wireless data transmission . . . through light. That light can come from something as simple as a desktop lamp. The idea is that Li-Fi is built into the functional lighting that you’d want to turn on indoors anyway–except it’s also carrying your data.
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