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Notable women: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who should be on banknotes


‘In the spirit of ‘Because of Her, We Can’, we visualise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women honoured on national material.

When acclaimed artist Gordon Andrews designed Australia’s vibrant series of new decimal banknotes in 1959, he wanted to break traditions of stiff patriarchal Prime Ministers or Australiana cliches, and instead, focus on the arts, the environment and architecture. In doing so, he made sure to give prominence women and to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

However, only one Indigenous woman exists on Australia’s banknotes.”


The Beauty of The Bristol Pound

The ‘Bristol Pound‘ is one of the most successful and visible examples of community currency and complementary currency, keeping money IN the local economy of Bristol, UK. It is a  joint not-for-profit enterprise between Bristol Pound Community Interest Company and Bristol Credit Union.


But today let’s simply take a step back just to appreciate its vibrant local designs. Here are some prior notes,

“Graffiti Tiger” by Alex Lucas.

“Hannah Moore & Bristol Old Vic” by Anthea Page / Juraj Prodaj.

Kim Short

and NEW artists have just been announced.

A six-year-old schoolgirl from Waycroft Academy in Whitchurch is one of the artists whose designs will be going on the new Bristol Pound notes from later this year.