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People’s Socialist Atlas: A History of the United American Socialist Republics

A thought-provoking feat of world-building.

By (apparently) Rebecca Stirling and Richard Collins? Someone get them a proofreader and publisher, STAT.

Predecessors: there hasn’t been much discussion (in detail) of a fictional socialist USA. It’s played for amusement in “Back in the USSA” by Eugene Byrne and Kim Newman, where much of USSR history is mapped onto the USA.

Terry Bisson’s Fire On The Mountain utilizes precedents of anti-racist activism in the USA to portray a successful slave rebellion in the American south, changing the political landscape forever.

So it’s welcome to see a new spin. Check it out, Comrades.  The UASR’s own internal struggle has lasting impact on the globe as well: no ‘manifest destiny’, no Monroe Doctrine.
As PDF via Dropbox [link]
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