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99-Year-Old’s Final Quilt Finished By Volunteers: #RitasQuilt


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A short story and request for stitching help. You know my love of estate sales and the fact that I cannot handle stumbling upon unfinished projects. I just know that the person who passed can’t possibly rest easy with an unfinished project out there. I buy them and finish them as tribute. Well yesterday, fate brought me to Mount Prospect Illinois to the home of Rita Smith. Rita was clearly an astounding stitcher with a love for the US and state flowers. She was 99 when she passed according to my online research. I bought this AMAZING completed embroidery map with state flowers. It’s breathtaking. I went upstairs and came across a box full of fabric. What I discovered is that Rita had just begun an epic quilting project (I mentioned she was 99 right?!). Well I went through the box and Rita had prepped, cut, all the squares and started transferring the designs onto the squares. She started stitching New Jersey. Obviously I bought the whole box. I cannot possibly stitch all this myself with all the rest of my stuff but I’m wondering if we can crowd stitch/ crowd finish this project for Rita?! Like if I mail you a square will you stitch it and send it back to me and then I will host a quilting bee to finish the thing? Anyone interested in helping me help Rita rest in craft peace?! —————————- #badasscrossstitch #craftivism #craftivist #feminism #feminist #crafting #quilting #quilt #usa #fiberart #womenhelpingwomen #communityquilt #estatesalefinds #handbroidery #RitasQuilt

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Thread by @ShannonDowney: “A story… (in proper thread form) I go estate sale shopping regularly and whenever I find an unfinished embroider it bc there?s no way that soul is resting with an unfinished project left behind. One day I foun [?]” #RitasQuilt