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Citizens of Skateistan: Fahima

 Meet Fahima, 14-year old skateboarder/ youth leader. From Afghanistan. Wants to be a pro skateboarder.

“When I saw a skateboard for the first time, I thought it looked like an interesting tool for hobby. After a while, I realized that skateboarding is not only a hobby, it’s also a sport which is full of fun.

At Skateistan I have learnt many good things which are very important in my life and I have also made many good friends who are still my best friends. When I start coming to Skateistan, my brothers tried to stop me. They said you can’t join Skateistan as skateboarding is a tool that only boys can play with, not girls. That made me sad and confused, as I thought I was able to do skateboarding. Why did they not realize that girls are also able to do that kind of thing?” (Image courtesy Skateistan)