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A Solarpunk Manifesto

Step aside, Cyberpunk, Steampunk: here comes Solarpunk.

Solarpunk intends to wrench science fiction from both Steampunk’s magical tech fantasies and Cyberpunk’s tech-gone-wrong. If the energy substrate of the Steam era was coal, and that of the Cyber era was oil, Solarpunk foreshadows and aims to anticipate environmental catastrophe by skipping to solar. As Solarpunk manifesto-writer Adam Flynn writes, if “steampunk is ‘here’s yesterday’s future that we wish we had,’” and “cyberpunk was ‘here is this future that we see coming and we don’t like it,’” then “Solarpunk might be ‘here’s a future that we can want and we might actually be able to get.’”

Thx BruceS/Wired; header photo by Andreas Gücklhorn on Unsplash

Blockchain As Backbone of Community Solar Microgrid


Last Monday 6 community members on President St in the Brooklyn Park Slope neighborhood created the first local marketplace for renewable energy on a blockchain network. They individually invested in solar panels and created a community to sell their excess energy called Brooklyn Microgrid.