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Far Out Dwarf Planet

The tiny planet is called 2018 VG18  and it’s about 3.5 as far away as Pluto, some 18 billion kilometers (11.2 billion miles) away. That’s more than 100 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun — and about the same distance (the boundary of the solar system) where NASA probe Voyager 2 reached interstellar space.


New Exoplanet Spotted Forming

First confirmed image of the birth of a planet
A planet-hunting instrument has captured the first confirmed image of a newborn planet that’s still forming in our galaxy.
A stunning, first-of-its-kind photo shows a giant alien world taking shape in the disk of gas and dust surrounding a young star.


A Galaxy Full of Exomoons

Our Galaxy Might Be Teeming With Habitable Exomoons
There are eight planets in our Solar System (sorry Pluto), but collectively, these planets host over 175 moons, one or two of which may even harbor life. Indeed, our galaxy, based on what we observe here, could be bursting with exomoons, a significant number of which may be capable of fostering life, according to new a new study.
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Space Harpoons to remove orbital debris

A lovely summary from BoingBoing:

There are 500,000 pieces of space junk orbiting the earth, many of which significantly endanger satellites and crewed space missions. to test various techniques of collecting and disposing of space junk: Orbital garbage collection!

Strange Visitor From Outer Space


For the first time ever astronomers have studied an asteroid “ʻOumuamua” that has entered the Solar System from interstellar space. Observations from ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile and other observatories around the world show that this unique object was traveling through space for millions of years before its chance encounter with our star system. It appears to be a dark, reddish, highly-elongated rocky or high-metal-content object.
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