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Resurrecting the ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ (Thyacline)

Andrew Pask, a biologist from the University of Melbourne, was part of a team who worked for 10 years to successfully sequence the entire genome of a Tasmanian tiger, also known as a thylacine, with the help of a four-week-old joey preserved in a different solution to other damaged specimens.” …

“It gave us so much information about what was unique about the thylacine. We learned more about its biology, we learned about its population structure over time, we also learned more about where it sits and how it related (biologically) to other marsupials” he said.

Images: Wikipedia, Museums Victoria: Benjamin Healley

Sex, Death and Dementia

Tasmania’s experimental Mona gallery is collaborating on the design of a care village for the elderly.
Australia’s first “dementia village” will be sited just outside the Tasmanian capital Hobart. Everything about the design of the village, Korongee, will be dementia-friendly. the 12 or so homes will be built on cul-de-sacs to keep the feel of local streets, and the businesses – including a cinema, supermarket and beauty salon – will be staffed by 350 people with dementia training.

Header photo: Matthew Bennett on Unsplash