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Oxygene: Goodyear’s living green tire made from moss and rubber

The company’s gone sort-of biotech, with living moss at the center of the tire. It draws in moisture from the road (not sure how that will fare in Arizona), eats CO2 and puts out oxygen — basically just doing what plants do. Goodyear estimates a that if every car in Paris had these tires, it would remove some 4,000 tons of CO2 each year. That’s equivalent to removing about 4,500 cars from the road there.

The plant-filled center is also biohacked to extract a small amount of electricity from photosynthesis.

Going further, Goodyear imagines these tires would use something like Li-Fi to engage in vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.

[Not to be confused with the classic electronic music album by Jean-Michel Jarre.]

Photo courtesy Goodyear