Don’t Hate; Cooperate

“In his [free to download] new book, Ed Mayo brings together this rich story. Covering everything from the Commons to lending circles to labourer societies, this is a fresh take on the origins of co-operation form a leading voice in the global co-operative movement.”

Book of the Day: A short history of co-operation and mutuality

[English (PDF)] [Spanish (PDF)]

A Short History of Co-operation and Mutuality
Preface 1844 – The birth of co-operation
Chapter 1 Co-operation and the human story
Chapter 2 An ancient way of getting things done
Chapter 3 Craft and co-operation in Europe
Chapter 4 Traditions of co-operation
Chapter 5 A friendly turn
Chapter 6 From friendship to resistance
Chapter 7 Freedom and repression
Chapter 8 Out of Rochdale
Chapter 9 After 1844: Plymouth and Finland
Chapter 10 Self-help and state sponsorship in the twentieth century
Chapter 11 The co-operative sector today
Chapter 12 Co-operation and mutuality over time: a conclusion

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