Pawnee Eagle Corn Revived

Pawnee Eagle Corn reflects social, political, agricultural history. A fascinating tale.

When the Pawnee Nation was forced from its homeland in Nebraska to a reservation in Oklahoma in the 1870s, they lost a lot more than their home and their lives.
A partnership allows the first Cornhuskers to save the ancient Eagle Corn seed. The last 50 kernels of Eagle Corn were kept in a mayonnaise jar, the last seeds of a mother corn that had nurtured the Pawnee people for generations and was taken with them when they were exiled from Nebraska to Oklahoma…
SHELTON:  Seed sisters Ronnie OBrien and Deb Echo-Hawk can barely contain their joy when they talk about progress made by Oklahoma and Nebraska gardeners to restore the Pawnee corn

This, and much more on @AgBioWorld’s thread.

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