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Pawnee Eagle Corn Revived

Pawnee Eagle Corn reflects social, political, agricultural history. A fascinating tale.

When the Pawnee Nation was forced from its homeland in Nebraska to a reservation in Oklahoma in the 1870s, they lost a lot more than their home and their lives.
A partnership allows the first Cornhuskers to save the ancient Eagle Corn seed. The last 50 kernels of Eagle Corn were kept in a mayonnaise jar, the last seeds of a mother corn that had nurtured the Pawnee people for generations and was taken with them when they were exiled from Nebraska to Oklahoma…
SHELTON:  Seed sisters Ronnie OBrien and Deb Echo-Hawk can barely contain their joy when they talk about progress made by Oklahoma and Nebraska gardeners to restore the Pawnee corn

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Pre-Columbian Crop Cultivation Patterns Reveal Extensive Native Societal Networks

“By studying lost crops, archaeologists learn about everyday life in the ancient Woodland culture of the Americas, including how people ate plants that we call weeds today. But these plants also give us a window on social networks. Scientists can track the spread of cultivated seeds from one tiny settlement to the next in the vast region that would one day be known as the United States. This reveals which groups were connected culturally and how they formed alliances through food and farming.”