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These New Devices Promise to Fight Pain without Opioids

Terri Bryant was working at a cheese factory in 2000 when she injured the delicate, rubbery discs between her spinal bones. That was the start of her chronic pain. Two years later, she had back surgery and started regularly taking fentanyl, a powerful prescription opioid medication. Her pain persisted even after a second surgery in 2009.

Sono Motors’s Sion Is a Crowdfunded, Solar- and Battery-Powered Electric Car

Electric car startups are nothing new, but Germany’s Sono Motors has found a way to stand out from the crowd. Sono just unveiled the Sion, an electric city car powered by a combination of batteries and solar cells. That’s not the only novel thing about this project, though; It’s also crowdfunded.

Astoria dry cleaner will launder unemployed job seekers’ suits for free

ASTORIA, Queens — A small dry cleaners in Astoria is garnering big attention after a simple offer to help unemployed members of the community.

Jaime Jinete, owner of Nicole’s Cleaners, posted a sign that reads “if you are unemployed and need an outfit clean for an interview we will clean it for free.”