Meet Frida, the valiant Lab who’s saved a dozen lives in Mexico

One of Mexico’s most beloved rescuers wears wide protective goggles, a harness and two pairs of boots.

Frida is the star of the Mexican navy’s Canine Unit. Throughout her career, the 7-year-old Labrador has detected 52 people — 12 alive — in various natural disasters.

She detected the body of a police officer in Juchitan after an earthquake hit the state of Oaxaca two weeks ago.


‘Star Trek’ Moves Into the Weird, Real Frontier of Space Mushrooms

In Star Trek: Discovery, astromycologist Lieutenant Paul Stamets, the resident expert on space mushrooms, reveals that the entire Star Trek universe revolves around an unexpected life form: spores. In the third episode, Stamets uses the science of fungi to argue that there’s no difference between physics and biology at the quantum level, explaining that spores are the “pro-generators of panspermia” and the “building blocks of energy across the universe.”


Only science can solve the intriguing stick insect mystery-First Dog on the Moon

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Google gets green light to provide cell service in Puerto Rico using balloons

The parent company of Google received the green light on Friday to provide emergency cellular service to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico using balloons.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced it had granted Alphabet Inc. permission to use solar powered balloons to bring cellular service to the island, which has been left largely without power since Hurricane Maria hit last month.


The Great 78 Project, An Internet Archive Community Project to Preserve and Digitize Old 78 RPM Records

The Great 78 Project is a collaborative project between the Internet Archive, George Blood LP, and the Archive of Contemporary Music that seeks to work with the community in order to locate and preserve as many 78rpm records as possible. The current count is over 200,000 but are always looking for more. Most of of these donated 78s are also being digitized for future generations.


Why Are Finland’s Schools Successful?

It was the end of term at Kirkkojarvi Comprehensive School in Espoo, a sprawling suburb west of Helsinki, when Kari Louhivuori, a veteran teacher and the school’s principal, decided to try something extreme—by Finnish standards. One of his sixth-grade students, a Kosovo-Albanian boy, had drifted far off the learning grid, resisting his teacher’s best efforts. The school’s team of special educators—including a social worker, a nurse and a psychologist—convinced Louhivuori that laziness was not to blame. So he decided to hold the boy back a year, a measure so rare in Finland it’s practically obsolete.


This Furniture Is Made Out of Mushrooms

SEBASTIAN COX WAS walking through his four-acre woodland when he saw two branches from hazel trees stuck together.

“When I pried them apart I realized that what was keeping them together was fungus,” he said.

Fast forward eighteen months and Cox is holding a fully formed, fungus-made lamp and stool in his workshop in southeast London.


Tidal energy being used to produce hydrogen in Orkney

Tidal and wind energy are being used to generate hydrogen in a pilot project installed in Orkney, Scotland, called Surf ‘n’ Turf.

The project was launched earlier this week by Paul Wheelhouse, the Scottish Government’s Business, Innovation and Energy Minister. He officially unveiled the newly installed hydrogen fuel cell at Kirkwall Pier. Other elements of the system, including an electrolyser, have already been installed. The facility produced the “world’s first tidal-powered hydrogen” in August, the European Marine Energy Centre says.


100 Women: The Dalit women breaking stereotypes by forming a drum band

Savita Devi is leading a group of 10 Dalit (formerly known as untouchable) women who have broken stereotypes by coming together to form a drum band.

Performances by drum bands have been part of an old tradition at various ceremonies, but it’s a profession almost completely dominated by men.


London’s 143-Ton ‘Fatberg’ Gets Second Chance As Biofuel

Even a “fatberg” — an enormous clotted, mass of fat and garbage found clogging a London sewer — deserves a second chance, and the biggest fatberg ever found in a British sewer recently got one.

The fatberg, a cement-like plug of accumulated cooking grease, diapers, wipes, sanitary products and other refuse that was flushed down toilets, extended through 820 feet (250 meters) of Victorian sewage pipe, and weighed an estimated 143 tons (130,000 kilograms).