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The State Of The Bubble (April 13, 2018)

Some days we open the newspaper and feel we are all doomed.

So I started The Bubble as a modest Facebook Group, for a respite from media overload. It became the one thing I could share with all my friends and family, without hesitation. And now it’s a web site, thanks to help from friends. I’d never expected it would grow this big and travel so far.

There are some simple rules: No drama. No hurtful speech or news. And of course, accentuate the positive.

There’s no one perfect future. We aim to share granular items on Culture, Society, Environment, Technology,Health, Economy, Science plus “Wow Cool” and “Adorable” moments.

If you want to make the world a better place? It’s not enough to critique; we need clear visions of what will replace our faulty systems. It’s worth pondering how it will look, taste, shape, feel and function.

I’m continuing to ‘export’ over a thousand posts from the original Facebook group (started in late 2016) .  Feel free to join us with your thoughts, comments, items to share on our social contacts below.

John Weeks, Editor

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Looking Backward, Looking Forward

November 21, 2016

Hello folks. In our harsh political climate it’s hard to think of the optimistic goals that would pull us towards building a better world.

In 1888 Edward Bellamy published ‘Looking Backward’ which described a quasi-socialist utopian American society. Over a hundred ‘Bellamy Clubs’ arose to debate and discuss the idea.

What are today’s lures (real and imagined) for social change that can challenge and interrogate our present?

(The name is inspired by the recent Saturday Night Live skit where Brooklyn people retreat from election results. Not above self parody.)