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PADMAN: the Singing, Dancing Bollywood Film About Menstrual Hygiene

Is this a new trend of socially conscious blockbusters in India? (Or is it just Askhay Kumar’s new deal?)

Following Toilet Ek Prem Katha, comes ‘Padman‘, tackling menstruation taboos.

It’s based on the story of Arunachalam Muruganantham, a Tamil Nadu-based social activist who helped to dramatically raise awareness on menstrual hygiene in rural India by producing low-cost sanitary napkins using small machines and locally sourced products. (Largely from the short story from Twinkle Khanna’s book “The Sanitary Man of Sacred Land.”

So far reviews are looking good! Here’s Time, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, and Times Now,  which praises the music.

What, you don’t think a musical about menstruation is marketable? Bollywood’s bigger than Hollywood, and the film is having synchronized world-wide openings.

Women’s Health, Period.

When she became homeless at 15, she decided to take action.
 “It was that experience of being at the women’s shelter alone, and hearing the stories of women who were in much worse situations than I was ― I had a complete privilege check.”

That moment led the high schooler to create Camions of Care, (now a youth-led non-profit organization that distributes menstrual products to women and girls in need. Okamoto said her inspiration to create Camions of Care came from the conversations she had with homeless women in shelters, and during those four hours of bus rides each day to and from school.