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Testing Out Ocean Cleanup

Ocean Cleanup device in Great Pacific Garbage Patch breaks, will be towed back to port
A 60-foot chunk of the Ocean Cleanup device in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has broken off.
The system was towed out to sea from its building berth on San Francisco Bay on Sept. 8, 2018, and was first deployed about 240 nautical miles offshore where it was tested for two weeks. It was then towed to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch nearly 1,400 miles off the West Coast, about halfway between California and Hawaii. 


Biodegradable Six-Pack Rings

A Florida brewery is helping lessen marine pollution by creating six-pack rings out of barley and wheat so that sea life can eat them.
Saltwater Brewery in Florida has invented six-pack rings that ocean animals can actually eat.


Ocean Cleanup Foundation Deploys Prototype

Boyan Slat’s ambitious plan to rid the world’s oceans of plastic has taken another step towards reality with its first prototype to be tested at sea. The Ocean Cleanup Foundation, founded by the 21-year-old Slat, has deployed a 100-meter clean-up boom today in the North Sea in The Netherlands.The p…