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The Versatile Jackfruit: Meat Substitute?

You can tell this (‘Now This Food’) video was assembled by people who aren’t familar with Jackfruit. It doesn’t taste like meat! Kind of like um, chewy/stringy banana custard? (I could eat it all day).

And it’s not ‘pungent’ – doesn’t smell bad unless it’s seriously spoiled. (Thinking of Durian perhaps? A smaller, more spiky, pineapple sized fruit?) Jackfruit may be frozen or (horror) canned in brine before reaching the USA / Europe.

But it IS versatile and CAN easily be seasoned to taste. If YOU want to say it tastes like pork or chicken, go ahead.  Just know that Asians have opinions.

If people want to use it as a meat substitute? Go ahead!  You can even order it from Amazon, if you’re not fortunate enough to live where it grows. 

Jackfruit ‘fusion food’ ahoy!

For those new to Jackfruit, below you can see how BIG they are and how to cut one up.