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“Suck On That”

Interview with Tessa Polder, founder of “Suck On That”, a Cambodia-based bamboo straw social enterprise

Join our Event: Plastic Free Cambodia & Cloud Flea Market to mark International Straw Free Day, from 3-8pm at Cloud (Street 9), Link:



Pre-Columbian Crop Cultivation Patterns Reveal Extensive Native Societal Networks

“By studying lost crops, archaeologists learn about everyday life in the ancient Woodland culture of the Americas, including how people ate plants that we call weeds today. But these plants also give us a window on social networks. Scientists can track the spread of cultivated seeds from one tiny settlement to the next in the vast region that would one day be known as the United States. This reveals which groups were connected culturally and how they formed alliances through food and farming.”


Japanese Tetrapods Harvest Wave Energy

Tetrapods are often used to protect coastlines from eroding away under the constant barrage of waves. Now a project from OIST has outlined plans for turbines that would sit alongside tetrapods, helping to not only dissipate wave energy, but harvest it.

The “Sea Horse” project uses submerged turbines anchored to the sea floor through mooring cables that convert the kinetic energy of sustained natural currents into usable electricity. An initial test has proved successful, and the team is now searching for industry partners to continue.


Swan Dreams: The ballerina in your ‘hood

“Growing up in inner city Rochester, NY, Aesha Ash was just one of the neighborhood kids. She’d imagine people driving by, judging her by her black skin.” …  “she’s determined to use her dance background to change the stereotypes and misconceptions that people—including black people—have about women of color. “I want to show it’s okay to embrace our softer side, and let the world know we’re multidimensional,” says Ash.”

Changing stereotypes via:

We Can Buy Your Medical Debt, Wholesale

“On July 25, 2014, my long-time partner and friend in the collections industry, Craig Antico, and I decided to establish ourselves as a 501(C)(3) non-profit called RIP Medical Debt. Our purpose, inspired by Occupy Wall Street’s Rolling Jubilee, was to provide a tax-deductible way for Americans to help us locate, buy and then forgive unpaid medical debt incurred by individuals and families.”